Established in 1893, Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church is a Bible-believing, people-loving church. We have been everywhere from mountain tops to down in the valley, but we currently reside in Batesville, AR. PVMBC is an independent, self-governing Church which chooses to fellowship with the American Baptist Association (ABA).

Meet the Pastor

Brother Scott Jones is married to Kim Jones with three children: Kevin, Zack, and Katie. He was saved when he was 8 years old and baptized by Surrounded Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Scott was ordained in 1994 at Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Farmington, AR. He has been a spiritual leader ever since. When he isn’t participating in churchly duties, he loves hunting, fishing, and woodworking.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. There is a God and He loves you.
  2. The Bible is God’s complete Word revealed to mankind.
  3. Everyone does wrong, those wrongs are called sin.
  4. Our sin separates us from God who is in Heaven.
  5. There is a high price for our sin.
  6. Jesus paid the price of sin for every person.
  7. Salvation is free to all who will place their faith and trust in Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.
  8. Every person is an eternal being. You will spend eternity either in Heaven or hell. Only your decision to either accept or reject Jesus will determine where you spend eternity.
  9. Once you have truly placed your faith and trust in Jesus, you cannot lose the eternal life/Salvation that God has given you.
  10. Once you are saved, you should attend a Church so you can follow Christ in scriptural Baptism.
  11. Only a local Church has the authority to Baptize.
  12. Baptism, works, church membership, and communion have nothing to do with salvation.